Our new custom bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  They are all hand-made here in our canvas shop in New Bedford, MA.  We use a variety of marine fabrics to give each and every one of our bags a unique look and feel.

Our Tote Bags are so beautiful and durable that you will want to use them on that trip to the beach, on a long day of boating, picnicking, shopping and the fabrics are so pretty that you will want to wear them out on the town.  We offer three sizes to accommodate all your needs!

Check out our new Cross-Body bags!  These bags are perfect for when you are on-the-go and need to hold on to more than just your keys and cell phone.  These bags are compact, lightweight and yet still large enough to hold your wallet, keys, cell phone and a few of your make up “touch up” essentials.

Want a new, fun look?  How about one of our barrel bags?  Available in sail-cloth or canvas, these bags can complete any ensemble be it boat-ready or picnic in the park!

We also offer every pattern in our adorable wristlets.  Get your favorite (or a whole set) today!

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